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Is CBD legal? The question is being asked after two grandmothers were arrested in separate incidents for possessing CBD oil. Many people wrongly believe that the arrests came as a result of varying state laws. However, they missed on the details. Hester Burkhalter, 69, was arrested at the gates of Magic Kingdom after CBD oil in her possession tested positive for THC contents above the legal limit. The proportion of THC in a CBD product is the key to determine its legal status. It has to be below 0.3%.

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While many vendors claim to sell CBD and CBG products with less than 0.3% THC contents, few could produce necessary certification that indicates the exact amount of THC in their products.


Hemp Stores KC strives to ensure that CBD and CBG products always accompany required certification. It not only networks licensed hemp stores in the area but also demands the lab test report from the vendors. The reports then get posted with product descriptions. This, however, does not mean added cost for consumers. Hemp Stores KC linked shops offer CBD and CBG products at competitive rates, assuring high quality at the same time.

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CBG is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound that reduces inflammation, pain and nausea. It eases glaucoma-caused intraocular eye pressure and purportedly opposes the proliferation of cancer cells. CBG is extremely low on THC, lower than CBD.

What Lab Reports Tell Us

Take for example the case of “Blue Genius” CBD/CBG Pre-rolls. We know for sure where it comes from and what amount of THC concentrates it has. Records show that Missouri’s first​ “Blue Genius” hemp crop was planted at Hemp Hill Farms in Lexington, Missouri in 2019. It was a research collaboration with St. Louis University. This harvest represented Missouri’s first legal hemp production
since Prohibition began 82 years ago.

Each “Blue Genius” 1 gram preroll contains about 40-50mg CBD (cannabidiol), about 5mg CBG (cannabigerol), and 2-3mg CBN (cannabinol). Lab report tells us that it has only 0.01% THC contents.

Our linked stores offer perfectly legal CBD and Hemp products that could be used without fear of getting high. They have just the right amount of THC in each dose.

Hemp Stores KC networks only licensed CBD & Hemp suppliers in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. This allows us to ensure greater authenticity in recommending CBD and hemp products.

Behind Hemp Store KC, a skilled team works on CBD products to monitor lab test reports and local growers’ policies. It also analyzes processes to ensure the availability of high-quality CBD, CBG products at competitive prices.

Hemp Stores KC attempts to educate consumers on the cannabis plant and the compounds derived from it. We base our knowledge on the medicinal properties of such compounds on published research. We believe that greater transparency would allow people to take charge of their health and well-being. It would also promote natural healing, something many doctors recommend today.

Hemp Stores, Vape Shops in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas

Hemp Stores in Kansas City

If you need the best CBD, CBD oil, Hemp oil, CBD flower, Hemp nugs, CBG flower, and Kratom from various flavors such as Bali Kratom, Indo, Maeng da or Thai Kratom, or Kratom in the form of capsule, powder or edible gummies you can visits our trusted stores, which also happen to be the oldest suppliers of these products in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.

Here is a list of top vape and smoke shops, and hemp stores offering quality CBD, Hemp and Kratom in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. We continue to add more after vetting them for quality and legality.

1. Main Smoke Shop KC | Vape Shop | Kratom & CBD Store

3429 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Main Smoke Shop KC

2. Vape & Smoke Kratom Store KC

3745 Broadway Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

3. 660 Vape and Smoke Kansas City

660 E Blue Ridge Blvd, 
Kansas City, MO 64145, USA

660 Vape and Smoke Kansas City

4. Exotic KC vape n Smoke

(816) 503-6442


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